1/2 Beef Share

1/2 Beef Share

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This box is 200 lbs of Show-Me Kansas Premium Dry Aged Beef

The 200 lbs of beef is typically comprised of 20% Steaks, 30% roasts and other cuts, and 50% ground beef.  When you purchase a a 1/2 share, we are happy to work with you on both the cuts you prefer and the cuts you'd rather avoid to create the perfect blend of beef for your needs. 

We recommend at least 8 cubic feet of freezer space for a a 1/2 share but if you plan to store anything else in the freezer, a 9-12cubic feet freezer would be better suited for storage. 

*This box will not include any offal unless requested. 

***1/2 shares are available for FARM PICK-UP / LOCAL DELIVER ONLY ***

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