Our Farm

Our farm is located in Southeastern Kansas where we raise our cattle and grow corn, soybeans and wheat, along side Caleb's family.  Caleb and Janet both come from multi generational family farms and have only ever wanted to raise a family the same way the grew up.
Getting our kids involved is very important. We hope that they each grow to love and respect the farm, just as we do.
We put in may long hours on the farm making sure things are done right. Caring for the health of the livestock and the soil is very important to us. We know that in order for our farm to be sustainable we must do our part to take care of all aspects of it.
Having our children involved with the farm has always been very important to us. We want to teach them how to care for the land and the livestock and how to work hard.
Even when we're busy doing field work, we still try to take the time to stop and eat a family meal together at the field, which usually leads to tractor rides later.