Show-Me the Beef

Good food and GREAT beef.

I've always enjoyed cooking, but after marring Caleb, I really started to love it. I loved trying to replicate what we might eat when dinning out. I love trying to take a classic family dish and make it even better. 

The challenge of making every part of the meal from scratch is intriguing and I'm always trying to make a dish  just a little better till it's perfect.

I'm a strong believer that good recipes are made even better by great ingredients.

When starting Show-Me Kansas Farms my goal was to bring our top quality beef, that we enjoy daily, right to the door steps of our customers all across the U.S. I wanted to give you the chance to enjoy our wonderful beef too.

As I move forward with tis blog, with this business, I hope to share more about who we are and what we do and little bits and pieces of our everyday life mixed in as well!


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